Wednesday, May 24, 2017


We are about half way through the book Incident At Hawk's Hill, and it has gotten really interesting because Ben was caught in a storm and he met up with the badger again. We our also working on our career letters and I'm writing to Deborah L. Radisch for a career in forensics.  

Friday, May 19, 2017

Theme And Character Trait

A theme in Incident At Hawk's Hill could be never give up hope. I say that because Ben's family never gave up hope that Ben was alive and John ended up finding Ben alive in the parrie.

I would like to take Esther MacDonald's character trait of never giving up on hope that Ben was alive.    I would like that character trait because there will be times when you get really upset at something or very depressed about something and you just want to give up hope.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Incident At Hawk's Hill

We started reading the book Incident At Hawk's Hill and the book is sort of boring and I hope that the more we read the more interesting it will become.

Career Choice

We are blogging about what we would like to do with our lives and what career we would like to choice. I would like to be a forensic scientist or a criminalist. I think it would be interning to help solve crimes all day. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

War Of The Worlds And Newsela

On the Newsela article it talks about how fake news is taking over the internet. Many websites put on the fake news so they can get more money more clicks moe money. Many students in different schools don't know how to disguise fake news from the real news. Like in H.G. Wells's War Of The Worlds when they did the brackets over the radio many people thought the world was ending and aliens were coming, but they were just reading a story. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tempest Theme

One theme for the Tempest would be that revenge isn't the best way to deal with a problem. The reason I picked this theme is because in the Tempest Prospero wants to get revenge on his brother for demonizing his power and kicking out of Italy. So Prospero uses his magic to crash his brothers ship and stridden him on the island for revenge. When Prospero crashed his brother ship his brother could have gotten hurt. So why would Prospero try and hurt his own brother just for revenge? 

The Tempest (Poem)

Sir, He may still be alive.  I saw him swimming strongly, almost as if he was riding the waves.  He treaded water and kept his head well above the wild waves coming towards him, swimming strong towards the shore, the waves seemed to welcome him.  I have no doubt he made it to the shore alive.